St. Bernadette Prays:



 + For all the hospital staff who are giving so much time & energy to the sick. We pray that they stay healthy. 

 + Dick Kmiecik

 + For all around the world who are suffering through or have died from the virus. Please pray that my family remains safe and for all the intentions I hold in my heart. We pray to the Lord.

 + In Memory of Catherine Donovan

 + Kathleen Keys

 + William Green

 + Linda Nicholls

 +  Bobby and Michelle Gallagher and their daughter Ramona Rose

 + My mother, Mary Tuft. May she rest in peace.

 + Please pray for my sister Catherine Donovan who was a member of the parish. She died April 8,

 + Pray for my grandson, Eddie Schaire, for successful bone marrow transplant.

 + Robert Licursi


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