Dignity of Work

We Believe:  Work has a value that goes beyond what it produces. Work is a basic human right necessary for human life which enables people to participate in the life of the community.

Scripture Tells Us: 

  • Deuteronomy  14:28-29:  The Lord blesses our work  so that we may share its fruits with others.

A work culture of dignity promotes self-respect, pride, and self-worth and influences an organization’s ability to foster wellbeing supporting the sustainability of a healthy and prosperous community.

Work is the ordinary means for providing for individuals and families.  Violating workers’ rights can lead to poverty, personal crises, and adversely impact to future generations.

Questions for Consideration:

  • Do you experience conscious or unconscious bias to those that you perceive or misperceive has having menial roles?
  • Do you acknowledge a service or a job well done?
  • Do you advocate for fair wages, just benefits, and sustainable development?

Work is fundamental to the dignity of the person. Work, to use an image, anoints' with dignity, fills us with dignity, makes us similar to God who has worked and still works, who always acts.” - Pope Francis.

Actions to Consider

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