Spiritual Development


The main purpose of the Spiritual Life Commission is to enhance, develop and foster the spiritual life of each member of the commission with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to share that enthusiasm with the St. Bernadette faith community through spiritual events and programs such as Bible Studies, pilgrimages, Lenten Missions and Sacramental Devotions.

We seek to serve God by being prayerful, committed and responsible members who affirm and support one another expressed in prayer, love for one another and sharing the good news of God’s bountiful love and mercy.

Beverly Pasko, Chairperson

Recent Efforts

  • Working to restore receiving the precious blood at Mass
  • Welcome letters for new catechumens
  • May – Flowers and prayer cards for Mother’s Day in front of the portrait of Mary
  • Wrapping bread and prayer cards to be distributed at Thanksgiving and Holy Thursday
  • Printed and inserted prayers for St. Paul for the Year of St. Paul and vocation prayers for priests for the year of priests in the gathering books
  • In home bible studies
  • The Great Adventure Bible Study with Jeff Cavins
  • Evening of reflection, prayers and rosary in October for the month of the Holy Rosary
  • Advent basket filled with ideas to do during Advent
  • Lent – Reminder objects such as stones and burlap with crosses
  • Coordinated arrangements for the Eucharist Miracles of the World exhibit


International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of

Our Lady of Fatima

St. Bernadette Church, through the efforts of the Spiritual Development Organization, hosted a display of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima for the purpose of teaching and inspiring the faithful.